Smart phone mobile app for cafe restaurants

For your business the iphone, android, windows phone mobile app brings quality and diversity. Your restaurant offers the customer a good experience, high-quality performance, prestige and high customer satisfaction.

  • Modern design Easy to use
  • Reservation option
  • Multilanguage support
  • Web administration panel
  • Order from table or from outside
  • Request bill or call waiter
  • Events appointments support
  • Interactive map
  • Member points rewards

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iconModern design Easy to use

Simple and easy to use. With smart phone mobil app your customers always have the latest menu.

iconReservation option

Let your site visitors make online reservations. Save time and increase your profits.

iconMultilanguage support

Mobile application with multi-language support. Increase your customer portfolio and you will have the opportunity to obtain new customers.

iconWeb administration panel

From any location via the admin panel you can make changes on the menu, you can add product or you can follow your orders.

iconOrder from table or from outside

Customers can make orders with their smart phones simple and easy.

iconRequest bill or call waiter

With the mobile app you can offer the ability to call waiter or bill.

iconEvents appointments support

Events, appointments or information can be sent to the customers phone. New products, promotions or alerts are automatically sent to all users.

iconInteractive map

Location of your business on the map, show the customer the location nearest your company.

iconMember points rewards

Member points rewards system, providing customers with the opportunity to earn points with given orders. In this way you will ensure customer continuity.